Our Process

Our Culture, Our Soul
We believe that our cups are only half full (and will always be); we are constantly learning from diverse experiences, individuals and more.

Ours is a relatively flat organisation. For us, hierarchy is about responsibility and accountability and this takes precedence over years of experience or a list of certifications or degrees.

We enjoy our work and we take on projects that we feel will make a positive impact for the client, the customer and ourselves.


Cultural Triats

How Our Core Values Connect to Culture
Open to Learning

Knowledge Sharing, Resource Center, Triciel Design Labs.

Love to Listen

We love to listen, about your ideas before we apply our thoughts.

Challenge Notions

Looking at different perspective on choosen project.


Multi-disciplinary approach with customers and users.


Rapid Mockups, prototypes, testing, refining and build.


Bring out the best in yourself.

Our designs are characterized
by User Friendly & Aesthetics
and our services are divided
along those same lines

Interaction Design


How it Works?

Information Design


How You See?


Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works

-Steve Jobs


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